Local Issues


The City of Santa Maria suffers from an extremely tight rental market, where nearly 60% of renters must spend more than a third of their income on housing, with a vacancy rate estimated between 3 and 5%. If elected, I will advocate for more affordable housing by pressing developers to provide more units of affordable housing, so that families can buy or rent adequate homes. I will also continue the work of our current city council to make it easier for homeowners to build ADU (accessory dwelling unit/Granny flats).


Another way to make housing more affordable is to bring better and more abundant jobs to Santa Maria. If elected, I will work to bring more tech companies and businesses serving agriculture, tourism, engineering, and aerospace to the city. As a representative of District 3, where housing development has been robust over the last ten years, I will advocate for balancing housing starts with commercial elements. In District 3, residents need more grocery stores, restaurants, and recreational options.


In Santa Maria, 3 of our top 10 employers are schools or school districts. The students, parents,  and employees of our city’s schools are an incredibly important resource of our city, and they are central to Santa Maria’s future success. As a city council member, I will make collaboration between our schools and city government a top priority. I will be a passionate advocate for programs that support their health, their recreation, their educations, and their families.

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